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Happy 420 Day! Here’s some more 420 Porn for you!

Today is the day! Every year it’s time to celebrate this fine day 4/20 it is. 20th of April 2012 is a day we will soon forget (cause we smoked so much weed!!) haha, enjoy some weed smoking girls!

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Hot Tattooed Brunette Shows her Ganja Buds

Man isn’t this the girl of your dreams? Well at least what she’s holding in her hands is what I’m dreaming about. A hot and slutty emo girl with two big plates of Ganja buds! Daaaaum! I would want to see how much we could smoke before we’d get it on, smoke some more, lick that shaved pussy and caress those fine breasts, smoke some more and pass out with her. Hot as fuck!

Hot tattooed brunette shows her ganja buds

Hot tattooed brunette shows her ganja buds

Hot tattooed brunette shows her ganja buds

Hot tattooed brunette shows her ganja buds and her shaved pussy and big tits


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Dirty blonde smokes Ganja and wants to FUCK

This blonde bombshell is a diry one, she like the weed and smokes it a lot. Before she ever agrees to get fucked (on or off cam) you’ve got to give her the herb man! Her shaved pussy is just inviting to be licked (she becomes SUPER wet when she smokes) and she can take a big cock. I’m not kidding, you’ll want to get in with this weed smoking slut!

Dirty blonde smokes ganja and wants to fuck



Stoned Girls hitting the 420

Dirty blonde smokes ganja and wants to fuck

Dirty blonde spreading her legs after smoking weed and shows her shaved pussy


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Cute brunette babe smokes Ganja from a water pipe

Check out this hot nude girl, as she smokes her herb from on her middle eastern looking bed-thing using a water pipe. She is literally smoking hot! The Ganja makes her horny too, so after a bit she is fucking ready to get it on! Tell me you would hold back on this one? Please! I know I would smoke her weed and fuck her senseless! But that’s just my style.

Check her out!!

Cute brunette babe smokes ganja from a water pipe

Cute brunette lies down naked and smokes ganja from a water pipe, smoke billowing out of her mouth

420 Girls

Cute brunette babe smiles as she is naked and blowing weed smoke out after smoking it from a water pipe

Very nice pussy that's shaved is being displayed by a spread-eagled girl smoking ganja/weed from a waterpipe

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Hot blonde girl smokes Gaja naked and masturbates

Check out this hot blonde babe with a nice shaved pussy as she smokes the weed from a huge bong. She has some nice tits and freshly shaved pussy. Wouldn’t you like to lick that sweet pussy while she smokes the herb? I know I sure wouldn’t mind fucking her while we both were high on Ganja!

420 Smoking Girls


420 Smoking Girls

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